Inspiration for writers and devisers


I developed these lists of provoking questions for the Young Lyric’s online news letter. They were targeted at young playwrights and actors aged 11-15. They are intended to be read aloud to an individual or group under a time limit to encourage spontaneity (this was originally done through video).


The following exercises were developed whilst working with the Contemporary Physical Performance Making students at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, under performance artist Mart Kangro. They are designed to challenge performers and encourage task focussed performativity:

“Don’t be interesting, be interested.”

Made as an experiment in the communal suspense of disbelief, and to explore if Derrida’s theory of ‘Différance’ could be linked to the ‘negative’ performance space.

Designed to combine and explore the relationship between two provocations: memories and the interaction of bodies in space. It relies upon/develops a trusting relationship between two performers and explore the value of storytelling behind relationships in the wider world.

A challenging mental exercise for one to four performers trying to form a ‘dialogue’ using stream of consciousness; intended to explore forms of listening, find surprising relationships between ideas, the separation between individuals and within the self.

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